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Principles of a Martial Artist

It’s often thought that how well you throw a kick or a punch defines you as a martial artist. On the contrary, it is the lessons learned on the karate floor - the discipline, perseverance, honor, respect, and humility that you develop through your journey - and how you make each characteristic applicable to the highs and lows of life. Skill development is important, but character development is irreplaceable.


Here at Danny Antoine’s Martial Arts Academy, we are committed to developing the physical and mental characteristics needed for success in the martial arts. In this school, you will learn exactly what it takes to become a true martial artist, both in skill and in character, as you journey alongside a family of fellow martial artists.


So, if that sounds like something you’re interested in, we just have one question. What are you waiting for?



Tiny Tigers

The Tiny Tigers program is a fun, energetic karate class designed for kids aged 5-7. 


The Tigers class is a program designed for ages 8-15. We provide a safe, exciting place...

Adults & Teens

The Adult Program offers more of a specialized training in American Kenpo. This... 

Demo Team

The Demo Team is an elite group of students who demonstrate their karate...



The Tournament Team travels to karate tournaments to compete against other individ...

After School


Our After School Program is a great place for your child to be after school hours!



Mr. Danny's Summer Camp provides a safe place for your child to have fun!



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